Friday, 27 June 2014

Room 5's 2050 future classroom awesome sentence challenge

WALT use a range of sentence starters, conjunctions and connectives to make our writing more interesting.

Starters :  We have; There are; At Oaklands; In our school etc
Conjunctions: ...and..., ... but ...,, ...because...
Connectives:  When; Whenever; In order to; If; After; Instead of

Here are some of our sentences.

Zoe - Whenever Lilly talks Kaite has to go in her bubble +3
Georgia - You get your own personal fan because it might be hot + 3
Tr'e- If you want chocolate you have to give Mr Forman some +3
Mishca - In order to get Smiley you have to show respect
Ashton  - In order to go in the spa pool you need to be good
Joel - If you are good you get to go home in the rocket ship
Noah - In order to go in the water slide the teacher has to catch you being good.
Matina - If you want to go on the computer you have to give Mr Forman chocolate
Jack - In order to use the golden desk you have to be good
Logan - In order to go down the water slide you have to be good
Tyzell - In order to go on the mini racing track you have to be good
Crystal - We have lots of building and they are different shapes
Natalia - Whenever you press a button Yoghurt Story comes up
Solani - We have trees inside the classroom for picking so that we can have fruit anytime we want
Bonnie - In order to get a golden Ferrari you need to give your teacher chocolate and $1 000 000
Summer - Whenever I go home my robot does my homework for me
Sophie - If you want to go up to the 39 storey treehouse you have to say the secret password
Jordan - My butler does my homework for me
Zoe - After you are good you get chocolates and sweets
Georgia - If you are good the whole class gets to go to Yoghurt Story or Soyo
Noah - If you want to see the magic clown you have to get tickets
Tyzell - If you get thirsty you get a free milkshake
Mishca - If you show that you can silent read then you get your reading licence
Isabelle - Instead of water the pool will be chocolate
Liam - Whenever you be good you get to go in the pool
Kynan - In order to go on a plane you have to read for 100 000 minutes

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday 24th June

Congratulations to ZOE on being the first student in Room 5 to earn her full BRONZE certificate. Well done, Zoe. You are very deserving of the certificate.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday 18th June

Kia Ora all

Today we did an activity about precise vocabulary. We came up with some sub headings for paragraphs and then moved around and added words related to that sub heading. We came up with precise words for paragraphs including playgrounds, sport, library, extra-curricular activities, swimming pool.

Here we are at work.

We are going to use the words to help us with our next paragraph.




Kauri Assembly

Today we ran the Kauri Assembly. Many students had the chance to speak; some helped with taking photos, taking care of the music and organising the sports gear.

Here we are.
Congratulations to NOAH who received the RESPECT certificate for being an amazing role model of our Respect CARE values.






Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thursday 12 June

Kia Ora

It has been a wet week with a lot of time spent inside. Hopefully the rain will depart and the sun will arrive so we can get out outside more.

Yesterday we gave out a large number of mathletics certificates. Here we all are, proud as anything.

And, from the I'VE FINALLY FOUND IT corner of Room 5 comes the protracted hunt for Georgia's missing GOLD mathletics certificate. The case has been solved, and here she is, all smiles and happiness. Well done, Georgia.

Today we wrote a paragraph for our information report on our classroom. We first brainstormed all the topic related vocabulary we could think of, and then looked at a range of sentence starters, conjunctions and conditions. We will share our paragraphs with you all tomorrow. Be prepared to be amazed.

Sentence starters, conjunctions and conditions for info report

Room 5 mid term newsletter

Room 5 mid term 2 newsletter

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Thursday 5th June

Today MISHCA received an EXCELLENCE tick for consistently setting out her handwriting correctly and following the book standards.

After everyone had completed handwriting today Mishca went through them all and chose 4 students whose work also demonstrated the book standards and Room 5 setting out. These are:

Thursday 5th June     - long date
                                   - miss a line
WALT: Correct size and shape
                                   -  miss a line

Bb Bb Bb ...

Pp  Pp   Pp ....

Rr   Rr   Rr  ...

The students selected by Mishca were JACK, ASHTON, ZOE and BONNIE.

And here they are.

Multiplication and Division

Today for maths we looked at the new MULT/DIV page on the Room 5 classblog, tried out some of the maths games at WOODLANDS JUNIOR - MATHS ZONE, and watched a video of Mr F demonstrating MATHS GYM. Here is the video. You can do this at home with a bit of chalk and some space.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Well done, Georgia

Today, at the Kauri assembly, the wonderful GEORGIA received the RESPECT certificate for Room 5. Georgia is a fantastic role model of the CARE values. Well done, Georgia. We are very proud of you.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Using Comic Life to blog to your blogsite

This week some students will be shown how to use Comic Life to blog. A group will work with Mrs Patten on Tuesday; they will then teach the other students.

Here is the link