Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday 29th July

Kia Ora all

Today we did our first official gymnastics session. We focused on 4 types of gymnastics movements:  stretch, straddle, tuck and pike.

We worked by ourselves, in pairs and in small groups practising these movements around the hall on our gymnastics mats.

We got so into our gymnastics that we forgot to take photos. Never fear, we will have some ready after next week's session.


This week our - PERSONAL BEST challenge is doubles skipping. We did this on Monday with each pair recording how many they got in one minute. This Friday we will go out and try and beat this score. Aim for the moon, we say, and if you miss you still reach the stars.

School newsletter link

Oaklands Commonwealth Games

Today we looked at all the different tasks we need to sort out in order to run our Oaklands Commonwealth Games for Kauri and Kakano students. Everyone will help to organise and run an event as well as choosing from [1] making a flag [2] making a poster [3] making a baton [4] designing a mascot [5] taking photos / video to share at school assembly and in the school newsletter.

Tomorrow we will firm up our choices and plan how we will achieve this in the set timeframe.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday 29th July

Kia Ora all

Today we started our description of our 2050 classroom models. Bonnie and Crystal shared their description and we talked about why it was a good example. We then used Natalia and Georgia's model to begin our shared writing.
Tomorrow we will complete our shared writing and then have a go with our own.

Here is our WALT and SC


Today for drama we were focusing on the use of voice: expression, pace, accent and volume.
We got into our 'Triples' and practised reading and then presenting parts of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Once we have done this we will try performing it using a range of characters and voices. For example, we may have to be all sad, or happy, or angry, or pirates, or grouchy teachers.

Here we are giving it a go

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Gymnastics introduction

Yesterday we had our gymnastics unit introduction. Here are some photos of us having a bit of a go at forward rolling.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Term 2 Celebration of Learning - watch it here

Kia Ora all

Here is the link to the videos of the Celebration of Learning including the dance, choir and kapahaka groups.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Modern Learning Environments

Class shared reading

Today in class we did a shared reading on Modern Learning Environments. It is a challenging reading so we have been working on it together.
We are also using the 'Reciprocal Reading' method where students take turns leading the reading session. The aim to for students to be move involved in their reading sessions and to learn collaboratively.

Bonnie was the student leading the session. There are 5 parts to reciprocal reading: predicting, reading, clarifying questioning and summarising.

We begin with the leader (Bonnie) reading the first sentence of the paragraph. She then asks students to predict what they paragraph will be about based on the information given.

Today, the topic sentence Bonnie read out was:

Historically, children and young people were seated at desks in rows, all facing the blackboard, using text books, printed hand-outs, and hand- writing notes

1. Prediction – Matina (the learning environments in the past)
                 Georgia (what the classrooms are like now and what they might be like in the future)
                 Noah (what they did in the past)
                Ashton (the past and future of the learning environments)
                Jordan ( future classrooms of 2050)
                 Zoe ( about what the modern learning environments were like)

2. Reading - Brooke and Mr Forman read for us

3. Clarifying-  Georgia - What does 'there's not a great amount of mixing between classes during the day mean?

Students helped with this, saying that it means that we usually stay in our class during the day, not going to other classrooms for learning activities, other than PE, fitness and art etc

New words we didn't know how to pronounce, or know the meaning of:

advanced = moved forward, progressed
evolved =  changed
reality = form real, what you see, what it is like, truth
technology = machinery and equipment
to keep pace with = move or progress at the same speed

Watch a video about modern learning environments
           Click on the reading to view 
Modern Learning Environment