Monday, 10 November 2014

Monday 10th November

Kia Ora all

Today was our fist day back after the camp. Hopefully everyone caught up on their sleep.

For Maori we are learning to talk about our ra whanau - our birthday.

We learned the phrase -  Kei te pirangi ahau he .....

                                         I want a ........

Now we are able to say what we want for our birthday.

Kei te pirangi ahau he keki - I want a cake
Kei te pirangi ahau he rorohiko - I want a computer

At Kauri assembly today some Room 5 students received awards.

Georgia and Isabella received the Mathletics trophy for earning a GOLD certificate. As you can see from the photo, the trophy is actually invisible. Tomorrow it will magically appear.

Active Thinker

Summer received the Active Thinker award - in the guise of an Excellence certificate - for consistently being prepared for learning, and keeping my desk clean. Well done, Summer.

Kauri Athletics

Joel, Ashton and Zoe received their certificate for coming first in their event for 8 year olds at the kauri athletics. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Maths in action - volume and capacity

Last Friday we had our year 4 volume and capacity launch. We are learning about how to measure liquids such as water, milk, cola and oil.

We know that we use millilitres, centilitres and litres.

We headed out to the field for a series of challenges working as a team.

These included each student filling up a container with 100ml of water and taking it to a large container on the field. The only problem was that the person holding the 100ml was not allowed to touch the ground; we had to carry them.

The next challenge required us to transport as many 500ml containers of water down the field into a bucket in a set time. The only problem was that the container was not allowed to leave our head, even when we poured it into the bucket. If you did, then the bucket of water was tipped out and you had to start again.

All in all it was a lot of fun, and we managed to learn about volume and capacity as well as get wet.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Kauri Stage Challenge - Our thoughts

I really enjoyed being an extra (Isabelle)

The funny part was when Rowan forgot to pause and we didn't know what to do (Tr'e)

It was funny when Paige smashed a pretend phone on the stage. The funniest part was when Jacqueline said the wrong part (Matina)

I was really anxious going first because there were so many people watching (

I enjoyed it because I got o do a funny part where I stole a cake. It was funny because we hot-glued the gun onto a box (Georgia)

I enjoyed drama because we were up first (Noah)

I enjoyed how Natalie and I went to the corner to play paper, scissors, rock and I was supposed to to take one step but I accidently walked into the curtain (Summer)

It felt much better than doing the practice. We got to be our own tree (Joel)

It was funny how my brother was doing an Irish accent (Natalia)

I was a little nervous but I am glad I did it and got it over and down with (Ashton)

I liked how we got to watch other students perform (Zoe)

It was funny when Thorvin got yelled at by the senior student as part of the introduction (Kynan)

It was fun and cool because I liked the parts of the boys and girls in the CARE performance (Crystal)

I enjoyed how everyone did their movements especially how when they were supposed to freeze frame and they forgot (Jack)

I enjoyed drama because Jordan and I watched all the little skits of the story book (Solani)

I liked the Nerf guns that were used. I liked our group's performance and I wasn't nervous (Oleg)

I enjoyed the stage challenge because I was the naughty one (Thorvin)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oaklands School Kapa Haka performance at the Cultural Festival

On Monday evening Zoe, Bonnie, Kendra, Isabelle and Matina performed at the 2014 Cultural Festival. Here they are.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Congratulations to ANDRE on finally receiving his GOLD mathletics certificate.

Congratulations to NOAH who received the Mathletics trophy for the next two weeks in recognition of the massive amount of points he has earned over the previous two weeks.

Congratulations to the delightful MATINA on receiving the Room 5 EXCELLENCE certificate at today's Kauri assembly.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Room 5 Writer Series - recent authors

Summer and Matina


Midterm newsletter

Kia Ora all

Here is an electronic version of our mid term newsletter. A paper copy will come home Monday.

midterm 3 newsletter 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

We have started a new writing unit on DESCRIPTIVE writing. Today we looked at a picture of some fireworks and brainstormed all the words we could to describe what we could see, feel, hear, smell and taste. We will share our writing soon.

Fizzy            Amazing         Colourful
Sparklers      Guy Fawks     Booming
Sprinkling    Crashing        Buzzy Bee fireworks
Blows up in an 'M' shape    Up in the sky
Sparks come out                 Loud
Cool             Awesome         Super
Powerful      Bright              Monstrous
Enormous    Fizzling           Sizzle
Explosion    Epic                 Boom
Waving around    Erupting    Magical
Shooting     Loudly     Fire

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Room 5 Writer Series

Kia Ora all

Each day now we have a guest writer who shares a piece of writing of which they are proud. It is called the 'Room 5 Writer Series'.

Our first two guest authors were Noah and Georgia. They each read their writing to the class. Noah's was about his upcoming trip to the Gold Coast, and Georgia's was a fictional piece of writing entitled ' Sushi the Lost Kitten'.

Here is a picture of each writer. We will endeavour to publish their writing on the blog.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Paragraph writing

Kia Ora all

This term we are focusing on organising our writing into paragraphs.

On Monday and Tuesday we looked at what a paragraph is and what is needed. You can view our guide sheet here.

Forming a paragraph
Today (Wednesday) we gave it a go by ourselves using 3 funny animal pictures. Here are the pictures. Tomorrow and Friday we will share our writing.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Look out for the Ua Whatu!!!

Wow! The bell went. Everything was fine...then...CRASH, BOOM, BANG we were attacked by Ua Whatu.

rattling, awesome, hurting, painful, hard, powerful, FUN, sore, tapping on the ground, crash! fast, ua whatu, stormy, Boom! Bang! ice storm, in shock, disgusting, white, round, I hated it, snow like, bad, horrible, terrifying, intense, snow white, scary, interesting, freaked out, tough, terrible, dangerous, tiny, wet, cold, freezing, soaking, hurtful, power, painless, exceptional terrible, a sign of snow, dark,

We ran for the door to get inside.

Zoe, Georgia, Summer, Joel and Kynan had to run from the back of the field, the back left corner, with her eyes closed.

Bonnie and Matina got hit on the head and Bonnie ran into a bush and Matina ran into a pole.

Andrei was stuck out on the field and had to make a dash for the Room.

Tyzell decided to try and catch the hail by standing outside, just like he was doing at cricket today.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Rahina tekau ma tahi Here turi koka

Kia Ora all

Today we did some activities to help us learn about the prefix, mis-

'Mis-' means 'badly' or 'wrong' - so misbehave means to behave badly

This morning we did a matching exercise, a crossword and a word find. Here we are working together to complete the task.




Maths Week

This week is MATHS WEEK (August 11th-15th)
Students are able to try out a range of math challenges at the maths week website.

Today we paired up and had a go at the different activities. Here we are in action.