Friday, 20 December 2013

2013 Highlights

Maddy - Orana Park Courtney - Swimming sports Mya - Jellie Park Anneke - Athletics Savannah - Winning house fun day Sophie - ice blocks Brooke - sleepover Caleb - funday Jack - 5 V 6 Challenge Lindsay - run / bike / run Scott - getting milk and doing swimming lessons Jamie - all the sports Alissa - x country Phoebe - opening the school pool Grace - spaghetti tower challenge Charlotte- making the huts Melhakye - going in the pool Ashton - shared lunch Jade - Art Savannah - being in room 5 Funniest thing James - the plays Brooke - Mr F Lindsay - when Mr F drew smiley on his t-shirt , by accident Mel - James singing funny songs Maddy - some of the assemblies when we sang fish and chips Jade - singing funny songs when Mr F played the guitar Brooke - Room 5 song Lindsay - when I screamed 'Austin' Mya - Ngakau hugging Lydia Courtney - When everyone was silent and Lindsay came in the door singing ' a, da, da,da' Alissa - Me. I am the wierdest thing Charlotte - Grace jumped at me, but I moved, and she fell on her face Anneke - Mya Maddy - 'her' - anneke Jack - speaking Japanese Caleb - Hoo, Hah, cha, cha, cha

Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday 25th November

Kia Ora all

Today we began preparation for our student led conference. We will continue this tomorrow so we are ready and confident.

Today a number of awards were handed out.

JADE won the year 4 Mathletics trophy, being one of many Room 5 students who obtained over 1500 points last week. Congratulations, Jade.


MADDISON was the Room 5 recipient of the EXCELLENCE certificate for her leadership, perseverance, and working hard to achieve her goals. Well done, Maddy.


LINDSAY and MYA received their SW Zone Athletics Championships certificates for the sprint and long jump respectively. Both Lindsay and Mya are off to Ashburton next week to represent Oaklands and the SW Zone at the Canterbury primary School Athletics Championships.


And here it is, for the first time - ALL students receiving a mathletics certificate in the same week [ 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 25 Bronze].

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Swimming Pool Opening

Kia Ora all

On Friday we had the official opening of the school swimming pool. This included a free sausage sizzle, an official opening, activities organised by the year 7 students, and, of course, a dip in the pool.
The temperature was a warm 28C.
Here are a few pics of the day.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Year 4 speech contest

Year 4 students will be competing in a speech making contest. If fact, the year 4 students are actually doing a recitation of a narrative text. Each student will give it a go. There are 4 texts to choose from; students need to choose 1.

To help you help them, click on the link below to view the scoring rubric - we will be using this to score students and help choose the 2 students from Room 5 that go through to the finals.

                                                  Click here to view the rubric

1000 point Mathletics challenge

Kia Ora all

One of our goals this week was for every student to earn at least 1000 points. We are just about there; only two to go. Some students have made it to 3000 points which is a massive effort.

In fact, we are currently 20th in New Zealand. We were 15th yesterday and hope to get back up there tomorrow.

Well done, Room 5.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Monday 19th November

Mathletics Gold 

Today we say' Good on you, boys' to Scott and Lindsay who earned a GOLD certificate last week. 
This week our challenge is for ALL students to earn at least 1000points.
We had a big session on mathletics today and many are closing in on the 1000 point target.

 Here are Scott and Lindsay.

Narrative character trait posters

Here are a couple of examples of the posters.

Our success criteria are:
Title             - about 1/6 of page
Pictures        - about 1/3 of page
Character trait words around picture - large size, spelt correctly
Sentences below picture                    - lightly ruled lines so writing is straight, Neat and spelt correctly

Extra --> For greater impact
[1] Use dark coloured marker (eg permanent marker pen) so words stand out
[2] Add colour for enhance visual impact

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character Traits

Today we began discussing our narrative story characters and describing their character traits.
We first used Melahkye's characters, Hulk and Thor, to practise using some more interesting adjectives.
We then went to work on our own characters, choosing a range of traits and giving an explanation as to why we choose these particular traits.

Tomorrow we will work on the art work of our narrative, making a display to put up in the classroom.

Here are the 'character cards' we used today.

Here are some examples of our work.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday 11th November

Kia Ora all


We are currently learning how to solve problems involving fractions. To help you help your child there is a new page to visit - MATHS - FRACTIONS. Go to this page to view videos of the strategies that are taught at year 3/4/5.

Here is a screenshot of what you will see. When you get to the page, click on the equation and a video tutorial will come up.

Today we had a Kauri assembly. At the assembly each class gave out an EXCELLENCE certificate to a student who has best demonstrated this quality over the last 2 weeks.

Our certificate went to the awesome NATASHA. Natasha was chosen because she excellence both in the classroom and out on the field. Natasha just gets on with her tasks, gives her best and is an excellent role model for how to get along and enjoy morning tea and lunch.

Well done, Natasha. We are very proud of you.

Athletics Champions

Room 5 is well known for their its sporting ability. Today at assembly a number of students from Room 5 received their FIRST PLACE certificates. Congratulations, team.

A special congratulations to MYA and LINDSAY who have made it through to the CANTERBURY Champs to be held in Ashburton in December.

Mathletics superstars

Congratulations to our wonderful mathematicians who earned over 1000 points last week. A special WAY TO GO to Jade who earned a GOLD.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kapahaka performance at the Light Festival

Last Thursday the kapahaka performed at the Light Festival as Halswell Domain. Many Room 5 students are involved so we have put videos of their performance here for you to view.

E Rere Taku Manu                Click here to see the video

Whakataka Te Hau            Click here to see the video

He Honore                          Click here to see the video

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kia Ora all

Our arts focus this term is dance, with our theme: Dance through the ages.

Here is a link to a youtube video of dance steps for 'Oh Mickey'

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

School newsletter

Kia Ora all

Please click on the link below to view today's school newsletter.

                                                         School newsletter 30.10.2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kia Ora all

Welcome to week 3.
It's a bit shorter than usual with Monday being a public holiday.

A large group of students received mathletics certificates today. We are especially proud of Brook and Anneke who earned a GOLD certificate. Way to go, girls!

EXCELLENCE award winner

Well done to the awesome Savannah for receiving the Room 5 Excellence certificate at the kauri team assembly today. Savannah manages herself well on her learning tasks, and makes excellent choices about when she needs to seek support with a learning task from classmates, teacher or 'workshops'. These workshops are held on the mat for students who would like extra support with the current learning activity.
An excellent role model. Well done, Savannah.

Today we began with writing and focused on how to use speech marks correctly. We have a display board showing our writing goals for writing a narrative. You can view this below; it is also on our 'Writing' page.

Today we focused on speech marks. Did you know there are five basic rules that help us to use speech marks carefully?
Here is a picture of them; they are on display in the classroom.

We look forward to sharing our narratives with you.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Kauri team newsletter

Kia all

Click on the link below to view the Kauri team newsletter.

                                     Click here to view the newsletter

Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday 14th October

Kia Ora all

Welcome back to term 4.

Today was spent getting back into the groove of school life. We did a desk change this morning. Given it is term 4 and our self-management skills have developed much from term 1, students chose where they would like to sit.

To support teamwork at our new seating arrangements, today we introduced 'Class Dojo' an ipad app that allows you to show group points. We have 4 new groups (table groups): The V8s, The Captain Underpants, The Breakers and The NRLs. Points are awarded for various expectations and also for table quizzes.

Today's quiz tested understanding of TIME. For example, " How many minutes in an hour?" "How many days in a fortnight?" "How many weeks in a year?"
Today's victorious team was The Breakers.

Here is a screenshot of what the display looks like.

We also went to the library and chose books for our daily silent reading. We also chose a collection of fairy tale / narrative books for our classroom library - seen as we are going to be writing one ourselves.

For writing we worked on our draft reply letters to our penfriends at Kingswood Junior School in England. We hope to have them published and ready for mailing by Friday.

We also popped out between rain showers to practice our sprint starts and baton changing in preparation for the Kauri Athletics Day next Wednesday (23rd).

Congratulations to Scott, Courtney, Natasha and Charlotte on receiving a matheletics certificate.

Congratulations also to the super talented Courtney who attended the National Trampoline Championships at Napier Boys High School during the holidays.
Courtney shared her certificates with us today and told us about the school. We took a look on Google Earth.
We are very proud of Courtney and her achievements. Well done.

See you tomorrow
Mr F.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday, 23rd September

Kia Ora all

Great to see the sun out. I was out of class today at meetings but I hear that Room 5 had a busy day.

Things kicked off with the wonderful Jade reaching the milestone of 200 nights reading.

Here she is. Well done, Jade.


A record 14 students received a mathletics certificate today, including 4 silver. Way to go team. Keep up the great learning.

Today Austin and his sister Riley brought in a large pile of completed Meadow Fresh Cool Our Schools entry forms. In fact they brought in so many that we took a photo to share with you.

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY = construction days

We will be constructing our flower/plant holders and / or stationery organisers over the next two days. This will complete our integrated learning on sustainability. We will post photos of what we got up to.
Students will need to supply materials; they know what they need. Any extra materials you have (see email sent Sunday and newsletter in home learning book) would be much appreciated.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Showing not telling

Kia Ora all

Today we worked on making our recounts more interesting to the reader. We looked at a photo of Ashton swimming and wrote interesting, powerful sentences.

We started with a TELL sentence, where we just tell you what is happening.

Our tell sentence was
Tell -->    I am on my back kicking

Now this sentence is fine because it tells the reader what was happening. However, we are trying to make our writing more interesting to the reader, so we have used SHOW sentences, where we are more descriptive.

Here we are sharing our writing with a classmate.

After we had finished writing, Miss Gatherer and Jerry from Room 6 visited us. They listened to the TELL sentence, then chose 4 students to read out their SHOW sentences.

We asked them to make a mental picture based on what they heard. We then showed them the photo of Ashton, and they gave us feedback on what they liked about our writing. Ngakau and Grace have shared their writing with you.


I am in the middle of the pool on my back kicking and gliding across the pool.
I feel the the smooth slosh of the wavy chlorinated h20.
I smell the chlorine in the pool.
I taste the moist air.
I'm not sinking because I have good relaxation in the pool.
My head is out of the water getting air.


I'm on my back about to do a big arm stroke and the water just
splashed on my face. aahhh it was refreshing, and now I'm kicking really fast like a speed boat. I'm getting really exhausted, I'm breathing really fast.

... and here is the photo.


We thought it might be a nice idea to share some of our handwriting with you.
We are developing our skills in correct size, slope, flicking, and for some, linking.
James, who is our student of the week, selected 3 quality examples to share with you.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday 16th September

Kia Ora all

For the first time in two weeks we didn't pack our bags, jump on the bus and zoom over to swimming at Starfish. We are back into our usual routine.

We completed a spelling test and also did a TIME pre-check. We will be learning about time for the next two weeks during mathematics. Tomorrow we are going to make our own mini clocks and begin our learning journey.

Here are a list of the learning intentions for our time unit.

·      Know the days of the week and months of the year
·      Read digital time
·      Read and draw O’clock and half past on an analogue clock
·      Read and draw ¼ past and ¼ to on an analogue clock

·      Read and draw minutes on an analogue clock

You can help by making a cardboard analogue clock at home and practicing the above; practising day and month order as well as the day( and month) that comes before and after a day(and month). For example  August comes after July and before September.

Go to the link on the right hand side of our home page --> Woodlands Junior - maths zone and search for the TIME resources.

Congratulations to the amazing COURTNEY who placed first in the Canterbury Primary Schools trampoline competition Sunday and got 1st in A grade.  In 2 and half weeks time she is part of the Canterbury team to go to the Nationals.

Calendar Art

This can be viewed on our blog. Go to the top and click on the CALENDAR ART page.