Thursday, 28 March 2013


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday 26th March

Kia Ora everyone.

Today was sausage sizzle and juicy madness. It seems the whole school, including Room 5 had ordered a sausage and the very popular juicy. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome and there were many happy and satisfied faces.

Today for writing we looked at the words we used yesterday for our vowel and consonant activity. Today we wanted to find out how many syllables were in each word. To help us do this we used our own names and 'clapped' out the syllables. We learned that each syllable has a vowel, or vowel sound.

We are steadily building up our repertoire of spelling activities that we will be able to do independently,  confidently and successfully when we are not on the mat with Mr F.

This afternoon we read another installment of our class chapter book, " The Sandpit War". It is about a group of girls who were best friends, but then after a particularly mean and selfish girl ( called Eartha) starts to boss around the girls and spread rumors and lies, the girls turn on each other. We will find out what happens when we read it next, but today we brainstormed all the words to describe how the girls felt before, and then after, Eartha began to cause trouble.

We are then going to see how this relates to us and our experiences at school, with the aim of developing strategies to deal with these situations.

We took pictures of the whiteboard display but we are having problems downloading them from the ipod to the laptop.  Never fear, once this technical glitch is sorted we will get the pics up.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday 20th March

NOTICE: Weetbix TRYathlon students - please bring your blue t-shirt and medal for the group photo tomorrow

Friday:  Mufti-day - gold coin donation

Today we managed to get many, many students onto mathletics. We put this down to the fact that we had a pod of 10 laptops available and the wonderful work of our 'Mathletics Techies'. Charlotte, Grace and Jamie have been trained up on the desk tops and lap tops. They are able to go through the complete set up process from switching on the computer, to entering access codes, to trouble shooting issues around whether to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari (hint: Chrome), to shutting down the computer correctly.

Today when any issues came up they took control and sorted them out, which allowed students to get them maximun time on mathletics possible. It also allowed Mr F to work with the reading groups, thus helping us with our learning.

Grace, Charlotte and Jamie will now pass on their knowledge to 3 other students so that we progressively work towards 30 confident, competent Mathetics Techies.

CONGRATULAIONS: to Scott for being the first student to share with the class that he has read for 25 nights. Scott got to stand at the front of the class, and we stuck on his 25 nights sticker.

Whenever a student reaches the 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 etc milestones we will celebrate this by giving them a 'round of applause' at the start of the day.

Well done, Scott. Onwards to 50 nights.

Today Sophie shared her book ' Ingenious Jean' - she does indeed posses an uncanny resemblance to the main character.


Our focus for handwriting is: sitting letters on the line.   We are also adding flicks to our letters and some students have been given a 'slope sheet'. The letters we are focusing on are the 'down and around' letters - n m h k r
We came up the sentence: My mum has a ruby kangaroo - this includes all of the target letters.

Seems that handwriting is quite popular. Melahyke was overhead saying" I love handwriting, I want to do it everyday" -


It seems that there are some budding musicians in room 5. Grace and Charlotte have written a number of songs, a heap of students receive ukulele, guitar or piano lessons and a couple of other students are writing songs.

Today I blew the cobwebs off the guitar and introduced a 'blues rift' in 'E'.

Then, I introduced students to the world famous 'Room 5 Blues' song.

The first verse and chorus go like this:

Verse 1

Well, I get up in the morning, about 8
I get dressed, comb my hair, yeah yeah


I go to school, yeah yeah
I go to school, yeah yeah

I go to school,  Room 5, is really cool

Now, this is only the start. I have challenged students to help me write more verses for our 'Room 5 Blues' song.

Once we have a few more words we will record it and put it on the blog.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday 18th March

Today we started with oral language. Students shared with their talking buddies taking turns to share about their weekend, or anything else they wanted to share. Our focus today was on 'good listener' qualities. So, after each student had completed their sharing they rated their talking partner on their listening qualities (looking at the speaker, sitting sensibly, showing interest). Students were fantastic and I think every student earned a tino pai.

For writing we took the nouns from Jellie Park ( see photo from last week with all the nouns) and put them into sentences.

First we just used one of the nouns (although it ended up being two).
Then we used ...and ... to link two of the nouns.
Finally we made a sentence with two nouns using 'because' as a linking word.

We also proofread our sentences for [a] CAPITAL LETTERS are the start of the sentence and [b] fullstops to show the end of a sentence.

This is an important focus as students need to be able to use capital letters and full stops correctly, and independently by the end of year 4.

Here is a photo ( from camera girl Mya) of the sentences.

We then did 'timed writing'
Students wrote in the back of their story drafts (free writing section) on any topic they wanted. The aim was to write as much as you could in 10 minutes. After 10 minute we counted up the number of words, wrote that number beside the last word, and highlighted it in green. Next time we do 'timed writing' the aim is to write more words.

For good measure we used our green highlighters to highlight the nouns we used in our writing.


Today we looked at what we are aiming to be able to do by the of year 4. This includes sloping, flicking and linking - a writing style rather than a printing style. Today our focus was the " down and around" movement - letters using this include - n , m , h , k , r 

This afternoon we had our fortnightly Kauri team assembly. At each assembly we give out a COMMUNITY award for a student who has best displayed this quality. Today it went to the wonderful Leanna. Here she is receiving her certificate. Well done, Leanna.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thursday 14th March

Kia Ora all

Today was a bit of a 'test' day. We did a listening comprehension test and started the essential spelling lists.

There were quite a few tired bodies after the efforts yesterday in the swimming pool so we broke up the day with two fitness sessions - to get outside and clear the head.

In the morning we had a great discussion about the swimming dat at Jellie Park. As we are learning about NOUNS we brainstormed all the nouns related to yesterday.

We talked about how a noun that is made up of two nouns (e.g, back + stroke = backstroke, drink + bottle = drink bottle) is called a compound noun.

It was actually a girls V boys challenge to see who come up with the most.

Here is a picture of all the nouns we came up with.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday 12th March

Kia Ora all

Tomorrow we are off to Jellie Park for our Swim Fun Day. Students will be competing in width or length races, as well as the year 4 relays.

We will also be doing some 'house games' in the pool to get the house spirit going.

Should be a great day, regardless of whether seen as we are indoors.

It will also be a great springboard into writing as students will have plenty to write about.

See you tomorrow.

Mr F

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday 5th March

CONGRATULATIONS: to Charlotte who received the Room 5 COMMUNITY certificate at the Kauri team assembly on Friday. Ka Pai, Charlotte.

Today we had an introduction to our inquiry unit for the remainder of this term.

Our Big Idea is that

We face conflict everyday and need to know how to deal with it.

Conflict affects our relationships with ourselves and others.

Deep Understanding
Knowledge: We can use lots of different strategies to deal with conflict.
Value: Community - We can all help prevent and resolve conflict in our community.

Today students witnessed a 'conflict' between Mr Forman and Miss Lawrence. Mr Forman thought that Room 5 had been invited to play a game against room 6, but Room 6 had actually invited us to singing practice. Anyways, Mr Forman wasn't happy and Miss Lawrence wasn't happy and they had a massive 'blow up'.
When they had finally calmed down and made their peace, we discussed all the words and feelings associated with what had taken place.
We will post a photo of all these words soon.

The one word that summed up all of the others was CONFLICT. We thought that Mr Forman and Miss Lawrence dealt with their conflict well... eventually.

Maths: Today we did a self-assessment of how well we did on our statistical investigation pre-check. We came up with some questions, about birthdays, that we could use for our survey tomorrow.
Some examples were:
What is your favourite birthday cake?
What is you favourite birthday theme?
What is your favourite birthday game?
What is your favourite birthday food?

Seen as it is Grace's birthday tomorrow, she got to choose the survey for the class. Grace choose
What is your favourite birthday game?

We will put up a tally chart to show you the results.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Kia Ora all.

Well, what a fantastic day on Thursday. Great to see you all ' up for it' on the day, with great feats of perseverance and the good old kiwi attitude of 'just doing it'.

Room 5 students ran and biked as individuals or part of a team and EVERYONE was showing their community spirit and values by supporting their friends, classmates and all Oaklands students competing.

A special 'thank you' to our wonderful parent helpers and supporters.

Room 5 had a successful day taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both the 8year old boys and girls races.
Sport has an important role to play in the education of our tamariki and Room 5 showed their 'Kauri' team spirit - standing tall and proud. Well done.

Individual results
                                   1st                               2nd                                   3rd
8yr boys           Ashton Stocker             Lindsay Smith                  Jamie McAlister

8yr girls           Charlotte Lynn              Courtney Hillyer              Alissa Docherty