Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Monday 19th November

Mathletics Gold 

Today we say' Good on you, boys' to Scott and Lindsay who earned a GOLD certificate last week. 
This week our challenge is for ALL students to earn at least 1000points.
We had a big session on mathletics today and many are closing in on the 1000 point target.

 Here are Scott and Lindsay.

Narrative character trait posters

Here are a couple of examples of the posters.

Our success criteria are:
Title             - about 1/6 of page
Pictures        - about 1/3 of page
Character trait words around picture - large size, spelt correctly
Sentences below picture                    - lightly ruled lines so writing is straight, Neat and spelt correctly

Extra --> For greater impact
[1] Use dark coloured marker (eg permanent marker pen) so words stand out
[2] Add colour for enhance visual impact

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