Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday 5th March

CONGRATULATIONS: to Charlotte who received the Room 5 COMMUNITY certificate at the Kauri team assembly on Friday. Ka Pai, Charlotte.

Today we had an introduction to our inquiry unit for the remainder of this term.

Our Big Idea is that

We face conflict everyday and need to know how to deal with it.

Conflict affects our relationships with ourselves and others.

Deep Understanding
Knowledge: We can use lots of different strategies to deal with conflict.
Value: Community - We can all help prevent and resolve conflict in our community.

Today students witnessed a 'conflict' between Mr Forman and Miss Lawrence. Mr Forman thought that Room 5 had been invited to play a game against room 6, but Room 6 had actually invited us to singing practice. Anyways, Mr Forman wasn't happy and Miss Lawrence wasn't happy and they had a massive 'blow up'.
When they had finally calmed down and made their peace, we discussed all the words and feelings associated with what had taken place.
We will post a photo of all these words soon.

The one word that summed up all of the others was CONFLICT. We thought that Mr Forman and Miss Lawrence dealt with their conflict well... eventually.

Maths: Today we did a self-assessment of how well we did on our statistical investigation pre-check. We came up with some questions, about birthdays, that we could use for our survey tomorrow.
Some examples were:
What is your favourite birthday cake?
What is you favourite birthday theme?
What is your favourite birthday game?
What is your favourite birthday food?

Seen as it is Grace's birthday tomorrow, she got to choose the survey for the class. Grace choose
What is your favourite birthday game?

We will put up a tally chart to show you the results.

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