Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wednesday 8th May

Kia Ora all

Hopefully your toes are dry and your socks aren't too smelly after today's Kauri cross country.
Well done to everyone who took part - you have all earned house points.
Many also earned extra points for finishing in the top 15 in their year group.

A special congratulations to Ashton and Mya who finished first in their event, and Jamie and Courtney who finished third. You are now the proud owners of kauri Cross Country medals.

As promised, here is the "mystery maths question" - to be in the draw you need to write your answer on a piece of paper with your name, and place it in the "Notices and Permission Slips" orange container - before 9:00am.

The winning entry goes to the 'prize box'

Here it is: At today's cross country you earned 15 house points for coming first, and 13 points for coming third.
[1] Add Ashton and Jamie's points together. How many points?
[2]  Add Mya and Courtney points together. How many points?
[2] Add ALL the points together. How may in TOTAL?

Good luck.

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