Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday 5th June

Kia Ora all

Today we decided to go outside and seek some inspiration for our writing. Whilst we are in the middle of writing information reports, it is important to get experiences writing about other things. So we grabbed our 'jotter books', our pens, Mrs Pousini and went for a walk. We were looking at the theme of winter, and the senses of feel, see and hear. Living things respond to changes in the environment ( we learned this today when talking about MRSGREN and the 'S' for sensitivity). We are living things, so we made some notes about what we saw, felt and heard.

Tomorrow we are going to use our notes to write whatever comes into our mind, related to what we experienced.

We will post some pictures of our notes tomorrow, but here is one of us outside, taken by Mrs Pousini. We could feel the heat of the sun, and definitely saw the sun's rays in our eyes. We responded by putting our hands up to block the glare. Try seeing a BOX do that; not likely.


Today we completed our information report activity sheets. We are working in small groups, mixing up our reading groups so that we get the chance to work with different students. It also allowed us to help each other. We had to highlight sentence starters and precise vocabulary in the introduction, count up the number of paragraphs, write down some of the sub headings, and find 5 - 10 interesting precise vocabulary. We are doing this so we can see good examples of information reports.

Here we are, working together.

Living World

Today we did an activity where we came up with words to describe MRSGREN - the 7 words that define a living thing.

Here is our worksheet. Perhaps you could work on it together.

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