Friday, 17 October 2014

Kauri Stage Challenge - Our thoughts

I really enjoyed being an extra (Isabelle)

The funny part was when Rowan forgot to pause and we didn't know what to do (Tr'e)

It was funny when Paige smashed a pretend phone on the stage. The funniest part was when Jacqueline said the wrong part (Matina)

I was really anxious going first because there were so many people watching (

I enjoyed it because I got o do a funny part where I stole a cake. It was funny because we hot-glued the gun onto a box (Georgia)

I enjoyed drama because we were up first (Noah)

I enjoyed how Natalie and I went to the corner to play paper, scissors, rock and I was supposed to to take one step but I accidently walked into the curtain (Summer)

It felt much better than doing the practice. We got to be our own tree (Joel)

It was funny how my brother was doing an Irish accent (Natalia)

I was a little nervous but I am glad I did it and got it over and down with (Ashton)

I liked how we got to watch other students perform (Zoe)

It was funny when Thorvin got yelled at by the senior student as part of the introduction (Kynan)

It was fun and cool because I liked the parts of the boys and girls in the CARE performance (Crystal)

I enjoyed how everyone did their movements especially how when they were supposed to freeze frame and they forgot (Jack)

I enjoyed drama because Jordan and I watched all the little skits of the story book (Solani)

I liked the Nerf guns that were used. I liked our group's performance and I wasn't nervous (Oleg)

I enjoyed the stage challenge because I was the naughty one (Thorvin)

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