Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Smiley and wet day games

Kia Ora all

Today Kendra received 'Smiley' at the start of the day. Smiley is our class mascot and is awarded to a student who role models the Room 5 high expectations. This entitled Kendra to have access to the couch, and to invite others to share it with her throughout the day. Kendra also became the class 2ic (2nd in charge) which involves helping Mr F.
At the end of the day, after students had shared how 'Kendra had filled their bucket', Kendra choose the next Smiley recipient - the criteria being, that this student had consistently demonstrated the Room 5 expectations throughout the day. It was actually a difficult task as there were so many to choose from.

Congratulations to Zoe, who will be 2ic on Friday.

So much for the warm summer weather. Today we had our first 'rainy lunch'. Our new wet day monitors, Melissa and Jacqueline from year 7, came over and looked after us.

Mr Forman talked about the activities we can do, and those we can't (still no teacher who thinks indoor tag and tackle is a good idea).

Melissa and Jacqueline shared their expectations of us, and we shared our expectations of them (be nice to us, don't yell, help us with stuff and play with us).

We had a great time, and here are some photos to show you what we did.

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