Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wednesday 3rd April

Kia Ora all

Seems a bit strange starting school on a Wednesday, but we were quickly back into the swing of things.

Please note that because it is a short week there will be no weekly notice to go into the home learning book.

Oral Language

We started with a big oral language session where we shared what we got up to over the Easter break. Our focus for oral language was being able to speak for the set time, and the art of adding more detail so that you don't finish early. We rated ourselves and each other on our ability to add extra detail to make sure we could sustain our conversation.

Then Mr F shared a true story about two sheep who escaped from their paddock and found their way into a cave, only to find that over 200,000 Easter eggs were stored there. They were found, but not before they ate over 2000 of the eggs.

We then switched on our 'imagination' to answer the following question: "Where would you hide 250,000 Easter eggs?" - there were some very creative solutions.


Filled with ideas for writing we went back and did a 10 minute timed writing. For this we could write about anything we wanted. The aim is to 'just write'. After the 10 minutes we counted up the number of words and compared it to last time. Some students had doubled the number of words they wrote. Tumeke.

Tomorrow we will go back over it and 'edit' - make it better, and underline spelling words and use a dictionary to make corrections.


For reading -  group 4 learned about noun endings. For example, they had the following sentence:

They went to the gallery to see the art ____________________

We worked out that exhibit is a verb and it means to show / display something. To make this into a noun we add - ion,  so we get exhibition.

Tomorrow they will continue with the rest of the activity, all by themselves and a trusty dictionary.

Group 2 and 3 met and we started looking at plural nouns. Plural means 'more that one'.

We say

1 cat , but 2 cats   

We add -s to show that there are more than one.

That is pretty easy so we are going to look at when we add - es, when a y changes to an i and add -es, and when we have a word like calf, and that the f changes to a v and we add -es.

Then there are the ones like tooth and teeth, foot and feet.

As you can see there is plenty to learn.


Today we had a big session outside. We have been working hard on developing our small ball skills. Today we did an activity where we tried to knock a target ( a cone) off a platform (ball container). We also practised adjusting our throw by trying to get the tennis ball to bounce into hula hoops that were set at different distances - easier than it looks.

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