Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday 30th April

Kia Ora everyone.

I hope you are having a relaxing time during the holidays and having fun.

Our letters we sent back to England with Madame Winch should have arrived, and it is possible that your penfriends have already read your letters.

In case they have, and they also saw that we have a Room 5 blog - welcome to our friends from Kingswood Junior School. We really enjoyed reading your letters and our students were really excited to have the chance to write to you all the way over there in England.

We are on holiday at the moment but will resume school next Monday.

We look forward to receiving replies from you. Until then, take a look around our class blog. We will be adding much mor when school resumes.


Kia Ora room 5. I have started a new page OUT and ABOUT. There is nothing there at the moment but on this page we are going to put photos, stories and reports of the things you get up to outside of school. Perhaps you went fishing and caught a whopper? Great! We can add it to the page. Perhaps you had a birthday and did something really exciting that you want to share. Great! We can add that, too. The only condition is that you have to [a] write a few sentences about the event to add to the blog or, [b] you help me to write a few sentences.

Sounds like fun, you say? Great - get snapping away with the camera, ipod, ipad or whatever other technology that has been developed that takes photos - and don't forget to write a few sentences as well - you will need them.

See you next week
Mr F.

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