Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friday 10th August

Kia Ora all

This week we have been writing instructions for making a raisin boat, to be raced in the Raisin Boat Race Challenge. The reining champion is Mr Forman and his boat 'The Boss'. Would the students of Room 5 be able to build a faster vessel, and become the Room 5 CHAMPION?

We began with a demonstration of how to build a raisin box boat. We then built our own, and wrote up the instructions. We are going to edit and proofread our instructions, then give them to another class and see if our instructions are clear enough for them to follow.

Then our champion will take them on in a race off.

Here are some photos of what we did.

Raisin Boat Build




Raisin Boat Race

                                                        Introducing the raisin boats
The heats


Now, for the finals


"On your marks"                     They're off. Mr F is in the lead.
                                                 Convinced he has the race won.

But no. Anneke flies home to take the victory...and

 Be crowned - Room 5 CHAMPION Raisin boat racer, 2013

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