Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday 5th August

Kia Ora all

All last week we have been collecting our rubbish in one container, and each night Mr Forman put it into a plastic bag. Today, with Room 6, we went to the hall where all the rubbish was emptied out onto a blue plastic sheet.

The aim was to show just how much rubbish we accumulate over such a short time. This was only for one week.

A few 'Eco Warriors' put on gloves and sorted the rubbish into 3 piles - recycle, organics, rubbish.

We then had a special guest visit - Mr Donaldson, our caretaker. He talked about what happens to the rubbish when it gets removed by the cleaners, and also some of his concerns about [a] the amount of rubbish and [b] how many classes don't properly sort their rubbish.

We asked him, "Mr. Donaldson, what can we do?"
Mr. Donaldson suggested that we ensure we place our rubbish into the correct containers, bring less to school, and keep the rubbish in the bins rather than on the field.

We are going to take up the challenge.




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